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The IARCP was formed to bring together Recovery Coach Professionals from all over the world to network, educate and advocate.  It is our goal to ensure that Recovery Coach Professionals are a sought-after resource for anyone in or seeking recovery.  Recovery Coaches add a great deal of value to one's recovery process, as well as to the field of recovery.


Recovery Coach Professionals should have access to:

  • Ongoing training and professional development, including training and designation through the CCAR Recovery Coach Profesional Designation.

  • Seamless integration into systems that understand and fully embrace the model and treat Recovery Coaches as equal members of an interdisciplinary team.

  • Competitive compensation, salaries, and benefits for the work they do for the individuals they serve and their contributions to the field of recovery.

The role of the IARCP is to 

  • Advocate for policies and funding that support the use of recovery coaches in a wide variety of settings so anyone can have access to a recovery;

  • Raise public awareness so people not only understand the vital role Recovery Coaches play and the long-term positive impact one can have on someone's recovery journey.  

IARCP Advisory Council

Meet the collaborative team of Recovery Coach Professionals that comprises the IARCP Advisory Council. We come from different backgrounds and organizations, but we come together for our common goal - to help the mission and vision of the IARCP come alive. 

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